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You will find here a collection of contributions of different authors sharing their ideas, views or lessons learnt during their professional development. Please feel encouraged to comment on the contributions and share your experiences on the various topics. If you would like to add your own contribution, please get in contact with us.

Guest Authors

In this section we collect texts from authors, who are neither registered users nor members of the PRIDE Association. Still we think their expertise and experience is an important input to our community.If you want to contribute with your own text, please contact info.pride-network@univie.ac.at at any time!

Employment Status of PhD Holders in Belgium, Authors: Neda Bebiroglu, Baptiste Dethier and Christel Ameryckx

The Observatory of Research and Scientific Careers-F.R.S-FNRS located in Belgium published its first thematic report on the employment status of 2,065 PhD holders who received their doctorate between 2012 and 2018 from the six French-speaking universities of Belgium. PhD holders have a high rate of employment and a low rate of unemployment. However, regardless of their research field, an important proportion of PhD holders stay in the university sector and that a non-negligible proportion work under temporary contracts.

How to valorise my PhD? First aid in planning your career path, Authors: Van Damme, I., Kerkhofs, S., & Nivelle, N.

In 2012, a pilot project was launched at Hasselt University, Belgium, entitled ‘How to valorise my PhD? First aid in planning your career path’. It was a two-stage project, aimed at PhD students and postdocs from across all disciplines, aiming at supporting young researchers in developing their professional career.

Dahlem Research School measures facilitating transition to the labor market, Author: Martina van de Sand

Since 2013 Dahlem Research School has expanded its Career Development offerings in general in the frame of its Professional Development Program directed at doctoral candidates. In this context, the DRS has launched new initiatives to support careers of prospective graduates beyond academia. The following text describes the two general initiatives DRS Pro Business and DRS Pro Gründung, renamed DRS Pro Transfer in 2016 .

We believe in knowledge-sharing as a competitive advantage and try to achieve this with interactive webinars organised by professionals, for professionals. Our second webinar aimed at professionals who want to set up, improve or reflect on their training offers in transferable skills.

Watch the webinar with Verity Eston and Christian Dumpidak an Transferable Skills Training recorded in November 2018!