First-Come-Together in Tallinn

First-Come-Together in Tallinn

On Wednesday, 14 June, the day before the EUA-CDE Annual Meeting in Tallinn we organized the first come together of the PRIDE Association to inform interested people about our network. Around 25 professionals from all over Europe joined this event. Katrin Niglas, Vice-Rector for Research of Tallinn University gave a short welcome speech and stressed the importance of professional management in Doctoral Education. Lucas Zinner introduced the PRIDE-Association. He emphasized that the association should be a network from members for members. All members can become active and shape the association. After this get- together most participants joined us for a dinner at a nearby restaurant where there was time to network and get to know each other.

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We believe in knowledge-sharing as a competitive advantage and try to achieve this with interactive webinars organised by professionals, for professionals. Our first webinar aimed at professionals who want to offer support measures for supervisors such as trainings within their organizations.

Watch the webinar with Stan Taylor, author of the "Handbook for Doctoral Supervisors" and Honorary Fellow in the School of Education at Durham University as well as with Melita Kovačević, Vice-President of the PRIDE Association!