Save the date: 2nd PRIDE Webinar

Save the date: 2nd PRIDE Webinar
2nd PRIDE Webinar on "Implementing and Assessing Transferable Skills Trainings".


On 15th of November 2018, from 2-3 pm (CET) the second webinar of the PRIDE association will take place

This year’s webinar explores the implementation and assessment of transferable skills trainings. We have invited two experts to share their experiences with us:

Verity Elston leads the career counselling service for PhDs and postdocs at the University of Lausanne Graduate Campus.
Christian Dumpitak is Managing Director of the Interdisciplinary Graduate and Research Academy Düsseldorf.

The webinar will last about 1 hour. We will reserve 20 minutes for your questions. You can already start posting your questions in our discussion forum!

Please register here for the webinar, we will then send you the link to participate in the webinar!


Quelle: Foto Christian Dumpitak: Steffen Köhler, HHU Düsseldorf





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We believe in knowledge-sharing as a competitive advantage and try to achieve this with interactive webinars organised by professionals, for professionals. Our first webinar aimed at professionals who want to offer support measures for supervisors such as trainings within their organizations.

Watch the webinar with Stan Taylor, author of the "Handbook for Doctoral Supervisors" and Honorary Fellow in the School of Education at Durham University as well as with Melita Kovačević, Vice-President of the PRIDE Association!