Membership Fee Policy

The PRIDE-network is aiming at attracting professionals, independently of their position, status or seniority, who are actively involved in doctoral education in their respective institutions. The PRIDE-network depends, for its success, on its members.

Membership Options

To facilitate the widest participation, we agrred in the first gernal assembly to offer membership at two levels:

  1. Organizational membership at 500 EUR: aimed at organizations where more than 3 people are likely to be PRIDE members. The organizational membership allows any number of persons of the organization to be nominated as members of the association. Each Organizational member holds 4 votes at General Assemblies and
  2. Individual membership at 150 EUR: aimed at individuals or small organizations where the number of potential PRIDE members does not justify the expense of an Institutional membership. Each individual members have one vote at General Assemblies.

Upgrade? You can upgrade your individual membership to an Organizational membership within a memership term. To do this use the Membership Application Form.

Moreover, we offer a discount fee for members from individual countries by applying the Marie Skłodowska - Curie Actionscountry correction coefficient as shown on Page 71, table 2 as follows: if the coefficient of the country is below 60%, we offer a 50% discount, otherwise no discount is applied. The discount policy applies to the membership fee only, but not to other fees for events etc. It is a voluntary offer from us and approved by the General Assembly. This policy can also change in the future. Click here to get a quick overview about fees.

Fees & Payment

Payment method

We accept payments by bank transfer. Instructions and information about payment are given on the invoice.

Membership term

The PRIDE-network membership is based on a calendar year system whereby the term begins on 1 January and ends on 31 December. Membership terms will always end on 31 December and the fee as above will remain during this period regardless of when during the year they begin.

Warning: We will never ask you either on a website nor through email for information regarding your account or other payment details.

Nowadays, networking is a key skill in professional careers, supporting the individual’s development and learning.


Lucas ZinnerFounder of the Association

We believe in knowledge-sharing as a competitive advantage and try to achieve this with interactive webinars organised by professionals, for professionals. Our second webinar aimed at professionals who want to set up, improve or reflect on their training offers in transferable skills.

Watch the webinar with Verity Eston and Christian Dumpidak an Transferable Skills Training recorded in November 2018!