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Well-skilled and effective staff can be an organisation's greatest asset. With carefully designed staff trainings we provide continuous professional development opportunities to support the transition from a purely administrative to a professional role in doctoral education.

25 to 27 March 2019: PRIDE Training at the University of Luxembourg

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Professionalizing Transferable Skills Programmes: Learning from Experience

The landscape of doctoral education has changed significantly over the last decade. Enhancing the quality of doctoral education and of the doctoral experience has become a common goal of universities all over Europe. One result has been the widespread establishment of transferable skills programmes for PhD candidates. Today, many universities are setting up and further developing such programmes – individually or in networks, as part of degree requirements (with credit recognition and diploma supplement certificates) or as elective professional development.

Professionals in doctoral education are often the main drivers in bringing these programmes forward and face particular challenges in their design, development, advertisement and organization.

With this two and a half day PRIDE training on “Professionalizing Transferable Skills Programmes”, you will get the opportunity to learn from the experience of professionals who have been leading and running transferable skills programmes for many years. The setting of the workshop will also allow you to exchange and network with your peers from all over Europe.

The training programme will include a mixture of presentations, case studies, on-going transferable skills trainings to visit as well as interactive activities and discussions. With this diversity of topics, the format also serves as an opportunity for participants to learn and share ideas for new training methods for their programmes.

The following topics will be addressed: 

Establishing a transferable skills programme:
o    What do we mean by transferable skills?
o    How to set up and run a good, solid transferable skills program for doctoral candidates?
o    Choosing the topics, the trainers, the formats

Managing a transferable skills programme:
o    Administrative, financial and logistical aspects
o    Evaluating a transferable skills programme
o    Should transferable skills training be made mandatory, or not?

Measuring and communicating the impact:
o    The impact of training workshops on doctoral candidates’ skills development and employment
o    The role and use of Competence Frameworks for Researchers
o    Promoting a transferable skills programme within one’s institution: key actors, key themes

Current issues in transferable skills training:
o    Ethics and research integrity
o    Wellness, stress management
o    Equality, diversity and inclusion
o    Open Access and Open Science

    Among the great rewards of the master class experience was the possibility to discuss with other participants from speakers and organizers to colleagues around Europe and even outside of it.


    Kirsi Tuohela reflecting upon her Master Class participation

    We believe in knowledge-sharing as a competitive advantage and try to achieve this with interactive webinars organised by professionals, for professionals. Our second webinar aimed at professionals who want to set up, improve or reflect on their training offers in transferable skills.

    Watch the webinar with Verity Eston and Christian Dumpidak an Transferable Skills Training recorded in November 2018!