General Assembly

The General Assembly is the ruling body of the PRIDE Network Association and consists of all its members. Its specific duties include establishment of membership requirements, dues, and policy. The General Assembly empowers the Board with responsibilities for managing the affairs of the PRIDE Network. The General Assembly meets annually and will be combined with a thematic conference.

Rights and duties of the General Assembly

According to §22 of the Associations' statue the General Assembly has the right and the duty to

  • approve the activity plan of the Association for the coming year and adaptation for the current year, if proposed by the Executive Board;
  • approve the budget of the Association for the coming year and respective adaptation of the current year;
  • approve the membership fee;
  • elect and dismiss the Executive Board for the period of two years by simple majority;
  • elect additional members for the Executive Board;
  • elect and dismiss two Auditors for the period of two years;
  • approve the Auditor's report of the past financial year;
  • approve the administration of the Executive Board;
  • decide on the dissolution of the Association;
  • decide on amendments to or modifications of the Statute with a majority of two thirds of the votes cast;
  • consult and decide on other matters on the agenda.
Save the date
The 1st Conference will be held in Vienna on 5-6 April, 2018.

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Lucas ZinnerFounder of the Association