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The user profile directory is one of the main features of our website helping you to identify and get to know other professionals in Doctoral Education. It aims at representing the community of Professionals in Doctoral Education within Europe and beyond. We very much believe that a strong network has great value when working in doctoral education and that the association can support this through an elaborated member directory.

The first step is to register on our website. You can do this by clicking on the REGISTER button on the top of the page. This is for free. Afterwards you will be authorized as a user. Once you are registered and authorized, you can access the user profile directory with your login. Please use the LOGIN button on the top of the page. Now you can elaborate your profile for example upload a photo, enter a CV or note down your areas of expertise. Keep in mind, that other professionals may scan the directory searching for experts, cooperation partners or trainers. Therefore, a good profile may open possibilities for you. To ensure some privacy the profiles of users and their details are only visible to people who themselves are registered.

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We believe in knowledge-sharing as a competitive advantage and try to achieve this with interactive webinars organised by professionals, for professionals. Our second webinar aimed at professionals who want to set up, improve or reflect on their training offers in transferable skills.

Watch the webinar with Verity Eston and Christian Dumpidak an Transferable Skills Training recorded in November 2018!