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Lucas ZinnerNow it is really time to get started. We are preparing the General Assembly. Input is welcome.

1 week ago

    Michael Wimmeradded a new event EUA Webinar: "Implementing an Ethos of Research Integrity in Doctoral Education"

    EUA Webinar: "Implementing an Ethos of Research Integrity in Doctoral Education"

    25/10/2017 00:00:00 - 25/10/2017 23:59:59

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    2 weeks ago

      Allison O'Reillycreated the group PhD monitoring through data gathering’

      Institutions are craving for data to better understand the current situation and needs of their doctoral candidates and more general their academic staff in order to better assess and evaluate the quality of support measures that are already provided within the institution to meet their needs. This monitoring can be done in several ways: (annual) surveys, focus groups… We don’t have to reinvent the wheel: there are a lot of good practices in Europe and beyond. Thus this working group would like to become a hub to share practical advice, questionnaires, specific (online) tools to ease the implementation process. The working group could also become the forum to discuss open issues, give feedback or answer specific questions other institutions are struggling with.

      3 months ago

        Allison O'ReillyHi, we are currently writing the first newsletter. In this we have a short test on the first meeting of the PRIDE association in Tallinn. Further we will write about how to become active in the association, give a short outlook about upcoming events, introduce some of the board members and inform about the purpose of the profile as we want to encourage people to make their profiles with their correct names and enter a photo and maybe a CV. This is our plan. If anyone has suggestions on what you believe should be addressed in the first newsletter then let us know.

        4 months ago