Governance Structure

The “PRIDE Network Association for Professionals in Doctoral Education”, often briefly called “PRIDE Network” is an association duly registered in Austria and acts in virtue of the Austrian Law on Actions of Associations and the ist Statute. The Association is a non-profit association, seated in Vienna, Austria while the area of ist activity is worldwide. All details regarding the governance strucutre are laid dwon and duely described in the Association's Statute.

The Association includes the following organs: the General Assembly; the Executive Board; the President, in his/her absence the Vice-president; Sub-committees for specific tasks; the Auditors and the Arbitration Panel. Rights and duties of the different organs are described in the Statute in Chapter IV.

  • The General Assembly is the highest authority of the Association. It is composed of all Regular Members of the Association.
  • The management of the Association is the responsibility of the Executive Board. It is consiedered as the "governing body". It is responsible for all tasks which are not assigned to another organ within the association by the statutes. The Executive Board shall name from among them the President, the Vice-president, the Treasurer, the Secretary and three to five Advisers.
  • The President is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association. The secretary and treasurer support the President in the management of the Association. The President, in his/her absence the Vice-president, represents the Association towards Third Parties and chairs the meetings both of the General Assembly and the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board may establish Sub-committees for specific tasks. The size of each sub-committee shall correspond to the tasks concerned.
  • Two Auditors are elected by the General Assembly for the duration of 2 years. Auditors must not be members of the Executive Board or any Sub-Committee. The Auditors are responsible for the auditing of the financial organization of the association in accordance with the statutes and with the law. The Auditors have to report to the Executive Board on the results of the audit.
  • The Association's Arbitration Panel called upon to arbitrate and settle all disputes that may arise within the association. It is a "conciliation body" (Schlichtungseinrichtung) according to the Austrian Association Act 2002.

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